Braille Visegrad Contest 2018

Publikováno 19.03.2018 12:21 Volejník Rudolf

Začíná: 14.04.2018 09:00
Končí: 14.04.2018 16:00
Kde: SONS, Krakovská 21, Praha 1

On April 14, 2018, capital city of Prague, the Czechlands, welcomes eight accomplished Braillists attending National Electronic Braille Contest sponsored by International Visegrad Fund. Three winners will participate together with their Hungarian and Polish peers in the International Visegrad-sponsored Event to be held in Poznan, Poland in mid-May. The contestants are going to hone their Braille reading, writing and editing skills using pocket-size Braille terminals and iPhones. The overall aim of the Visegrad-sponsored project is to promote Braille literacy and to demonstrate the importance of reading and writing skills for education and employment opportunities of the blind in the 21st century. The National Event is organized by Czech Blind United, the Czech representative organization of the blind, full member of the European Blind Union. Contact person: Jan Urbánek, e-mail:, CellPhone: +420 603 710 531.