About us


MOTTO: We are not an organization that decides and acts on behalf of the blind; We are the blind who speak, decide and act for themselves.

The principal problem of blindness is not blindness itself, but the lack of knowledge, resulting in misconceptions, prejudice and fear. Blindness is not the end, blindness can be a new beginning, depending only on us. This philosophy has always been professed by Czech Blind  United, a civic association of almost ten thousand members nationwide. Blindness is not living in darkness - blind people are as active as their sighted peers: we can think, work, and create, the only difference being that for doing all these things, we must learn to apply alternative techniques.

Czech Blind United (SONS) is a safe haven where we meet and help one another; our staff as well as professionals from our subsidiary social enterprises located in each administrative region of the country provide all kinds of blindness-related services from ADL training through digital library to legal and social counselling.

Welcome and enjoy our as yet modest English Menu.

Václav Polášek, M.A., President